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A place to be visited, with different activities to be practiced such as: HIKING, for nature lovers. CYCLING ROUTES (BTT) for sport people who want to be in a natural environment and 4X4 ROUTES if you are interested in the countryside and the surroundings with transport to take you around. You can also do HORSE RIDING or QUAD.

This natural park, which has recently been declared as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO can been divided into three areas: Low Bardena, White Bardena and the Plain.

The different fanciful shapes formed throughout the time due to soil erosion are remarkable. Within the desert we will find the contrasting humidity of some ponds. This beautiful natural reserve is also the home of birds, vegetation and animals.

File photo courtesy of the Tourism "Reyno de Navarra".
File photo courtesy of the Tourism "Reyno de Navarra".
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