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The Cistercian route is a highly recommended cultural visit. It comprises the following monasteries:

1. Santa María de la Oliva Monastery. Located in Carcastillo, from the XII century, one of the most important medieval monuments in Navarra.

2. Santa María la Real de Fitero Monastery. The first cistercian convent built in the Iberian Peninsula. The monastery, which was declared National Monument in 1931, is a jewel of medieval architecture.

3. Santa María de la Caridad de Tulebras Monastery.The first female cistercian foundation in the Spanish kingdoms was established in Tulebras in 1157. At present it is inhabited by a Benedictine community. A XIV century image of the Seated Virgin with the child stands out.

File photo courtesy of the Tourism "Reyno de Navarra".
File photo courtesy of the Tourism "Reyno de Navarra".
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